Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can I talk to for more information about BTB-BBQ FEST?​​

  • A: General Information: DPPD Liaison Sheila Plovanich 281-930-2118

  •  Back the Blue Planning Director: Charles Thomas 713-444-0497 

  •  LaPorte: Brenda Pritchard 281-830-6864 

Q: What is my sponsorship money used for?​​

  • A: Proceeds from this event are used to support our DP/LP Police Departments, Officers, and Communities!  All proceeds that remain after festival expenses, are divided equally between Deer Park and La Porte Citizens Police Academy Alumni Associations. Here in Deer Park, all fundraising proceeds are monitored and administered under the watchful eye of our Chief and his command staff and may be use for items such as:

  • - Provide funds to purchase miscellaneous/emergency items requested by our Police Departments that aren’t covered in their current annual budget. Provide additional or replacement TOUGHBOOK computers for patrol vehicles; provide additional body armor & rifle vests as requested; provide additional replacement “RED-MAN” tactical training suits and other training aids & supplies; upgrade PD work-out room with the latest commercial-grade exercise equipment to help our officers stay in shape… - Provide resources for our CPA Alumni Associations to develop and enhance events and activities that will help us further our department’s Police/Community Partnership Outreach Initiative…

  • - Provide resources that allow our CPA Alumni Associations to assist & support local charitable events and worthy causes within the community…

  • - Provide resources that allow our CPA Alumni Association to provide meals for our officers during holidays and local emergencies; and allow us to fund several Officer appreciation dinners/ events throughout the year!

Q: How can I register my BBQ COOKOFF TEAM?​​

Q: How can I become a VENDOR?​​

  • A:  Vendors registration is $60.00 outside ($75 Inside) & vendors should contact our Vendor Coordinator' Pasadena Market's  Shawn Bailey 352-949-9332

Q: How can I donate an item for the SILENT AUCTION?​​

Q: Who can I talk to about becoming a SPONSOR?

A: General Information: DPPD Liaison Sheila Plovanich 281-930-2118

Q: How can I make a MONETARY DONATION?​​

Q: How can I print a Run for the Blue 5K Flyer?​​

A: Registration is NOW OPEN! Click HERE!

Q: What are the age groups for 5K Fun Run?​​

  • A: 


  • A: Purchase ATV Raffle Tickets - HERE